Nude Utah Swingers Chatting Now

Nude Utah Swingers Chatting Now
Nude Utah Swingers Chatting Now

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Naughty By Nature Campout Yearly Swingers Outing

Naughty By Nature Campout
Friday Jul 26, 2013 @ 4:00 PM
The Great Outdoors
Huntsville, UT (US)
You’re invited to Secret Desires and Risqué Soiree's 8th Annual Naughty by Nature Camp out. This year’s theme is Sexy Olympics. This year’s camp out will be in the same location as last year. (Near Monte Cristo) longitude latitude +41° 26' 10.28", -111° 30' 18.69"
Friday evening we will hold a Mingle Mayhem (Meet & Greet). Meet everyone at the camp and enjoy a drink or 20 in center camp at the fire. Saturday day we will host the Sexy Olympics. Opening ceremony will start at noon with the lighting of the torch. Events will be Toss Your Nuts-(Coconut Shot Put), Double Ended Dildo Javelin Toss, Naked Hula Hooping, Best BJ in the West, Strip Beer Pong, Naughty Ring Toss, Vibrator Relay and more. We will be concluding the Olympics with the Awards Ceremony at dinner. We will be holding our Sat. night Eat My Meat Pot Luck dinner. (Naked Men cooking your dinner) So bring Meat for you and your partner a dish to share. During Dinner we will have some live music performed by Eric Anthony. Sunday morning will be a Boobie-licious Breakfast; (Sexy Topless Ladies cooking breakfast) sign up below to bring an item. You must purchase a ticket to attend. $20 a couple, single guys $20, single ladies $10. If you want to pay with cash email us or call Lang @ 801-867-0396 For Tickets go to

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Utah lifestyle party scene!

The Utah lifestyle party scene!

So what is the scene like in Utah? I dare say almost anyone that has experienced the lifestyle in Utah will agree that it is fantastic. There are so many great events, multiple party planners and event hosts, and of course a huge group of amazing people to enjoy it all with.
I know for the time we’ve been involved our wants and preferences have changed drastically. There is something here for everyone. There are large parties, small parties, house parties, meet and greets, private parties, club events, and on and on. You truly can find something for you regardless of which freak flag you’re flying.
Please don’t judge the lifestyle or your interest by any single event. Of course some parties may not be for you. If it’s too out of your comfort zone you’re always welcome to walk away. Otherwise stay, mingle, make your own fun. Then try and find an event that’s more your pace or style. You’ll be surprised how many things are actually going on during any given weekend once you start getting involved.
Bottom line is jump in, ask around, have fun. You’re probably missing something great right now!!!